When it comes to electrical fault finding and diagnosis there is no substitute for the knowledge, experience, skill and training of the person carrying out the task.

All Scotts Electrical Services engineers and sub-contractors are knowledgeable and experienced in their field being skilled craftsmen trained to the highest levels of competence. Our experience of industrial electrical processes and equipment enables the rapid interrogation of systems using sophisticated test equipment to identify problems in electrical components.

We offer an advanced cable fault location service for HV and LV cables. All systems within the unit offer the facility to undertake cable testing: cable and fault diagnosis, pre-location of cable faults, fault conditioning and pinpoint fault location using acoustic methods.

The unit is transported in our HV van which is fully kitted out for a variety of HV work including oil handling. We also have a 40kV DC and a 30kV AC pressure test sets.

The unit has the following facilities/features:

  • Portable, rugged fault location system (IP64)
  • HV insulation testing to 20 kV
  • Proof/burn up to 20kV, 115mA
  • 8/16 kV, 1500 Joules surge output
  • Arc reflection method & arc reflection plus
  • Differential arc reflection
  • Impulse current
  • Integrated large screen colour TDR (time domain reflectometry)

We also use Infrared thermography which is the process of using a thermal imaging camera to view images of the heat patterns emitted from a surface or surfaces. In context, this information enables us to identify particular patterns of heat radiation that indicate faults or areas of interest.

Scotts can carry out a thermo-graphic survey, offering preventative maintenance and diagnostic surveys with a Raytec Ti30 infrared thermal imaging camera. Surveys of electrical systems can identify poor connections, overloaded circuits or imbalanced loads. Faults occur in electrical systems due to the nature of the alternating current which regularly works connections loose. Any faults on electrical systems are expensive in terms of plant downtime, damage, loss of production or risk from fire.

We regularly survey and locate faults on all types of electrical systems. Huge benefits can be obtained from a quickly performed survey of your electrical distribution system and control panels. An infrared thermo-graphic survey is ideally suited to identifying faults within electrical systems, as the power does not need to be turned off and no direct contact is required.

Scotts can carry out a thermal imaging survey to your own requirements or we can offer advice on the extent of a survey to best suit your needs. Prior to a survey we will provide a full risk assessment and method statement detailing how we conduct the survey and the precautions we take to ensure our work is completed safely and efficiently.

We recommend regular thermo-graphic surveys of the following types of equipment:

  • Fuse boards
  • Distribution boards
  • Busbar systems
  • Control panels
  • High voltage and medium voltage systems
  • Power line connections and insulators
  • Switchgear
  • Electronic components
  • UPS and battery systems
  • PLC connections
  • Motor control centers’