Scotts Electrical Services provide a wide range of High Voltage (HV) electrical contracting services to a considerable number of customers in the industrial, public and commercial sectors.



When it comes to electrical high voltage design, installation, protection, inspection and maintenance of distribution networks, Scotts have  gained a reputation for providing a consistent, cost effective expertise and making sure customers comply with the latest legislation.

Scotts Electrical Services are one of the few suppliers in Northern Ireland with the competency, capability and certification needed to provide a complete service in the design, installation, protection, inspection and maintenance of high voltage electricity supply equipment.

Scotts can offer the following HV services, thereby offering our clients a one-stop-shop approach for all their electrical services (assuming you have a HV site connection):-

  1. HV installation services including cabling, jointing, switchgear and transformers
  2. HV protection services (this equally applies to some LV installations with protection systems) ~  includes commissioning of new systems and maintenance checks on existing systems
  3. HV protection studies. Scotts experience over a number of years has shown that many HV systems have had been upgraded or added to without any protection or fault studies updated at that time. As well as compliance with regulations this is essential to maintain a safe working HV system which will operate in the time frames required should a fault be introduced to the HV system. This protects personnel and equipment and ensures system faults do not cause undue injury or damage. SES experienced staff can provide HV protection and fault studies on new and existing installations and have completed a large number of studies for various clients over a number of years.
    How many HV installations are added to over the years without any protection study checks being carried out on the larger/higher loaded networks?  The answer is probably quite a large number.  Scotts can provide such a service for new or existing networks.  The protection settings must be fit for purpose, if not; a HV 3 phase/earth fault could be very expensive due to resulting un-necessary secondary damage quite apart from lost production
  4. HV maintenance services ~ includes breakdown/repair and covers the following equipment categories ~ transformers, switchgear, protection systems and battery tripping units etc.
  5. HV consultancy services ~ includes cost budgets of new or additional HV installations for project evaluation purposes, maintenance strategies, HV fault finding etc.
  6. HV training ~ to date mainly HV appreciation/awareness courses for our own clients but we hope to expand this facility with the addition of a new training room being constructed at present