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Scotts have undertaken several major contracts on the BP Oil site on the Sydenham Road Belfast. The latest contract is the installation of a new safety system on the fuel Gantries.

Scotts installed a new Safety Panel within one of the Sub-stations and installed new multi-core cabling from the new panel to each of the Gantries. The mechanical contractor installed new Rosov valves on each of the Fuel filling arms two on each Gantry.

Scotts wired from Junction boxes on each Gantry to each of the Rosov valves and where responsible for the air supply to each of the units. Scotts where also responsible for the interconnections between the new SIS panel and other specialist equipment situated within the Accuload areas on each Gantry. All of this work required the use of Exd equipment and required the knowledge of our Compex engineers who were present on site for the duration of the contract. The Scotts engineers where responsible for preparing and modifying the specification paperwork to enable the certification by the consultant engineers.