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NI Water

Scotts employs two Energy Efficiency engineers who have been involved in projects both for local government and private consumers.

Energy Efficiency

In the process of our investigations we install Power Quality recording meters which can monitor both Single and three phase installations checking for imbalance of load, irregular voltage and along with others harmonic distortion.

Scotts have been involved in an Energy Reduction project with NI Water on various sites throughout the province. We were asked to carry out surveys on a number of NI Water’s sites which were highlighted as being high Energy Consumers to see if we could identify measures that could be implemented to gain Energy Savings.

The project took a two way approach, one was by reducing the power consumption within the actual site buildings by the installation of lighting and heating controls and removing redundant equipment, the second was by working alongside NI Water’s Scientific Officer to optimise the Biological Treatment process of the Site to work in a more Energy Efficient manner.

Scotts helped produce a Functional Design Specification within which details a number of PLC Modifications which could be applied to Treatment Works that utilise Aeration processes to produce Energy Savings. These Modifications have been installed at 12 out of the 23 Sites to date and are currently producing an estimated saving of £80,000 per annum.