Scotts, the Power Delivery Specialists, worked as Balance of Plant contractor for AES UK & Ireland, part of one of the world’s largest power companies (The AES Corporation) to create the UK’s largest battery energy-storage facility at Kilroot Power Station, just outside Belfast.

The Kilroot Advancion™ Energy Storage Array provides 10 megawatts of interconnected energy storage, equivalent to 20 megawatts of flexible resource. This AES facility increases efficiency, flexibility and cost-effectiveness of the electric grid, placing Kilroot at the cutting edge of global power delivery and fundamentally sustaining the system upon which our society depends.
This work for AES is an ideal example of the Scotts ethos expressed through our slogan; Empowering Society. We employ our unequalled knowledge, experience and skills to help keep power flowing, wherever it’s needed; from homes and businesses to industries, airports and hospitals. In this approach we’ve installed the innovative new energy solution from AES, a major global player that is itself driven by the mission to ‘improve lives by providing safe, reliable and sustainable energy solutions’.
Carla Tully, President of AES UK & Ireland, said “We were pleased to have appointed a local company to install AES’ first energy storage project in the UK. The combination of AES’ global energy expertise and 23 years of experience generating electricity for Northern Ireland consumers, along with Scotts’ engineering expertise delivered a reliable, new energy solution for the All-Island electricity system”.
Winning this prestigious contract in the face of stiff competition from European competitors, Scotts worked with AES to install the Advancion solution balance of plant within the existing Kilroot Power Station infrastructure.
Throughout the lifespan of the project, Scotts worked in close partnership with a range of local firms that we introduced into the project, keeping as much of the project as possible within the NI economy.
Gordon Nixon
“Energy storage is an innovative technology which could play an important role in Northern Ireland’s energy future and we’re proud to have installed the most significant project to date on these islands.”
Gordon Nixon, Managing Director, Scotts